The Body Oil


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If you're looking for an all-over oil for the body, face, and hair that is 100% natural, organic, and nourishing, well... UMM Skincare's The Body Oil is for you.

This Body Oil is a deeply nourishing and luxurious all-over replenishing ayurvedic treatment. The high-performing oils of organic almond, jojoba, sesame, safflower & grapeseed help restore the skin barrier, soften and hydrate the skin. Ashwagandha root oil is a deeply penetrating and warming oil that nourishes the bones, tissues, and muscles. It restores the skin's natural suppleness and elasticity; it is excellent for dehydrated or dry skin conditions. 24 K gold and saffron provide a high dose of antioxidants. They are both anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and useful in damage repair and ensuring overall cellular health, so they'll help skin recover from daily environmental, oxidative, sun damage [stress], healing everything from photodamage to loss of suppleness.

Values & Social Impact

Clean ingredients, Plant-based, Fair trade, Paraben free, Cruelty free, Ayurveda, Eco-friendly, Small batch, Handcrafted, AAPI-owned, Women-owned, Minority-owned

UMM donates 5% of their profit from every purchase to charitable organizations that support pet rescue, environmental causes, rescue, rehabilitation and education for underprivileged children. Organizations they’ve supported include American Cancer Society, Sannihita, and Globalteer.

Why you’ll love UMM Skincare

Born and raised in a traditional South Indian household, UMM’s founder, Anisha, moved to the U.S and pursued an ambitious, and exhausting career in tech. After feeling burned out, she decided to connect back with her roots and adopted an ayurvedic lifestyle, which is built on the belief system that health is synchrony of mind, body, and the natural world. 

Now, Anisha is helping people around her to achieve good skin health by working internally and externally in tandem and to increase quality of life through Ayurvedic herbal blends and skin care products.

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100% Natural Ingredients: Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Safflower oil, Grape seed Oil, Sesame seed oil, Ashwagandha,  Geranium EO, Ylang Ylang EO, 24 K gold, Saffron.

Directions for use: Smooth over damp skin and massage in circular motions with your hands or the Kansa wand for additional benefits. Use daily to improve skin health for the body and face. Rub gently into tips of your hair for a healthy gloss or scalp for nourishment.