Hand Care Essentials Kit


Introducing True Moringa 

True Moringa is a sustainable black-owned brand that creates vegan skincare and wellness products that are made from 100% pure Moringa oleifera oil found in Ghana.

Values & Social Impact

True Moringa collaborates with a network of 5000 smallholder farmers throughout Ghana. This brand has planted 2 million trees since its founding to fight against deforestation and supports its farmers through access to credit, agricultural training, nutrition programs, and fair wages. 

About the Founder

After seeing how harmful chemicals were being used in cosmetics and hair relaxers, Emily and Kwami worked together to bring conscious consumers a more natural and sustainable alternative. While in Ghana, the locals introduced them to the Moringa tree and from there True Moringa was born!


  • HAND SANITIZER -  Made by WHO guidelines, our 80% alcohol formula effectively cleanses hands when soap and water are not an option. Each purchase donates soap and sanitizer to our partners in Ghana
  • MORINGA OIL - Nourish dry hands and cuticles with moisturizing moringa oil. Absorbs instantly and penetrates deep into the skin for lasting protection