Shave, Shower & Restore Kit

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  • The perfect set of products for your simple, clean daily routine - it includes Thrive's Shave & Shower Bar and Face Balm.

    Free of all artificial additives and ingredients, Thrive products contain two exclusive super-plant ingredients from Costa Rica: juanilama oil and fierrillo extract.

    Values & Social Impact

    Thrive Natural Care is beyond the typical sustainable brand, they follow a regenerative model. The brand has regenerative farms in various locations such as Costa Rica to use native plants to improve biodiversity on degraded lands and providing a high-quality supply of plant oils for its products. 

    Why you'll love Thrive Natural Care

    Alex McIntosh, co-founder and CEO of Thrive Natural Care, wanted to build a regenerative model to provide high-quality skincare products while improving the biodiversity over time. The brand’s goal is to inspire others to replenish the planet’s health. 

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