Boba Glass Jar with Bamboo Lid, Custom Personalization Available

Looking to minimize waste output? Inspired by glass mason jars, BBTEA Jars' best seller reusable glass boba tumblers are made with durable, high-quality premium glass. It fits standard cup holders and is shipped in plastic-free packaging. Bamboo lids can be customized individually for added personalization which makes great gifts

They've curated it so it is minimalistic in design, 100% plastic-free, and eco-friendly. Happily designed in Portland, Oregon.


    • NO ENGRAVING - default BBTEA JARS logo
      • Boba Glass Jar, Boba Straw + Regular Straw, Bristle Cleaner, Bamboo Lid, default BBTEA JARS logo engraving
      • Choose between silver, rose gold, gold, or glass straws
    • BASIC ENGRAVING - names only
      • Boba Glass Jar, Boba Straw + Regular Straw, Bristle Cleaner, Bamboo Lid, Basic Engraving
      • Choose between silver, rose gold, gold, or glass
      • Choose between two standard fonts and engrave names only
    • PREMIUM ENGRAVING - special design/business logo
      • Boba Glass Jar, Boba Straw + Regular Straw, Bristle Cleaner, Bamboo Lid, Premium Engraving
      • Choose between silver, rose gold, gold, or glass
      • Choose a premium design-- may be name, special design, or business logo
  • Care instructions: 
    • Most compartments (glass jar, straws, and bristle cleaner) are dishwasher-safe, besides the bamboo lid
    • You can wash your lid with a little soap and warm water. If your lid has stains or smells, you can use lemon juice or white vinegar directly on the area. The acid in these liquids will neutralize the organic material or fats causing the problem. When washing, remove the silicone seal so you can properly clean underneath. After washing, dry your lid immediately and let it air dry.
    • Regularly re-treating your lid with mineral oil will prevent splintering and/or discoloring and preserve the beauty of the wood. 

*Any non-custom orders will be shipped normally within 1-2 business days. Custom order turnaround time is 3-4 business days (follow-up email with mock-up will be sent with final design). 

Introducing BBTEA Jars

BBTEA Jars is a 100% plastic-free, and eco-friendly company creating customizable boba (bubble tea) kits. They’re happily designed in Portland, Oregon.

Values & Social Impact

BBTEA Jars is a woman-owned business and their products are ethically made in the USA with 100% plastic-free, sustainable materials.

About the Founder

Founder Malisa Tep started BBTEA Jars because she saw a need for awareness in the bubble tea industry and its high plastic use. She was a first-time mom navigating how she could spend quality time with her four-month newborn and focus on creating a form of income that aligned with her values. She also had a huge interest in living a more zero waste lifestyle, and thus BBTEA JARS grew to be a business out of curiosity and the successful result of an experiment where she simply asked herself,  “how can I create a product that is 100% plastic-free, be reusable, while still being aesthetically pleasing?”


We are grateful to support a local wood maker. Therefore, our bamboo wooden lid is specially manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Each bamboo lid is treated with food-grade mineral oil to preserve the beauty of wood. The bamboo used is NUAF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) and is manufactured with PVA glue, commonly known as white glue or school glue, which is a water-based, odorless, non-toxic glue that does not break down or yellow over time.

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