Red Fuchsia | Nail Polish Strips

Trendy nail polish wraps that have zero drying time, are easy to apply and are made with 100% non-toxic ingredients

Make a bold statement with Stanley Pop's Red Fuscia nail polish strips. 

Introducing Stanley Pop

Stanley Pop is a woman-owned nail art brand that makes nail polish wraps for people who want manicured nails but don’t have the time to visit a nail salon.

Values & Social Impact

Stanley Pop understands the value of time. That’s why the brand offers nail polish wraps—a much more convenient alternative to visiting a nail salon for manicured nails. Stanley Pop’s trendy nail wraps are not only easy to apply and remove but they are also made with 100% non-toxic ingredients, which means there is no risk of nail damage. 

About the Founder

With her expertise in E-commerce and passion for nail art, founder Jennifer Stanley started Stanley Pop as a way to help people attain beautifully manicured nails in the comfort of their own homes.


  • Made with 100% real, non-toxic nail polish ingredients
  • Easy application
  • No drying time
  • No UV light needed
  • Easy to remove and won't damage your nails

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Her designs are the best ones I've ever seen - Love love love!

Devin DiNapoli
The Best!

These are the best, after two weeks they were still going strong and I work with my hands a lot! I got a ton of compliments, going to try the flowers next :)

Marilyn Daniel
So many designs, not enough fingers!

I ordered several designs and haven't tried all of them yet. The wraps lasts 2 weeks and I'm still wearing fuchsia. I love having multiple sets to mix and match the solids with the designs. Easy to use and no need for jazz hands to wait for polish to dry.

Marilyn Daniel
Love the wraps

Love the nail wraps! I stopped getting manicures because they would only last a few days before chipping. My Stanley Pop wraps lasts two weeks plus they have great designs.

Julie Hainer (HH)