RBG Collection Cuff Bracelets

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  • 6 inches long, 1/4 inch wide; Easily adjustable.
  • Made of locally sourced metals. Learn More.
  • Hand-cut, polished, and stamped individually in my studio in the Sunshine State.


As seen in: VOGUE, EDITORIALIST, HUNKER (+ more)


Behind the Collection

Brave women, strong women, all women. The heartbeat of our brand itself, our steadfast and everlasting belief in the unstoppable power within us has inspired a collection that reaches further than anything we’ve created before. 


Trying to capture the essence of our strength in a message- we pulled from memories of our mothers telling stories to us, friends wiping away our first tears, moments of triumph when we reach for our dreams, reaching out to help one another, and fighting for what’s right. Every piece is made from a place of fierce pride, unconditional love, and an unwavering belief that women can do anything and everything. 

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As seen in: VOGUE, EDITORIALIST, HUNKER (+ more)


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Behind the Process: Hand Made Craftsmanship.

Behind the Brand: Eternal Stories.


Craftsmanship, Shipping, & Packaging


Each of our collections is individually hand-crafted by me, in my studio in the Sunshine State. Created with the utmost attention to detail and love, no Camilla Limón piece is the same, made as unique as you!


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Honoring RBG

10% of the proceeds from this product are being donated to Graduate Women International. 

When we heard the news of RBG, we felt a need to give back and honor the work she did throughout her life as a woman and leader. Through research, we found the organization Graduate Women International, whose mission is to help advocate for and give access to higher education for women around the world. From now through the holidays, we have added two cuffs whose proceeds will go to GWI, in honor of RBG. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent her entire career as a fierce defender for gender equality and we wouldn’t have some of our most basic rights if it weren’t for her. As someone whose mission is to help uphold women's voices, I understand that this recent news may be deeply discouraging. But most importantly, we owe it to RGB to be the fierce warriors that she allowed us to be and not to back down in the fight for gender equality. 

Rest in power, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, may your legacy live on.