Corey Wilson Refillable Hand Soap (3 Bottles + 8 Pod Refills)

The Corey Wilson Collection features 3 bottles styled with exclusive photos taken by the award-winning photographer, paired with 4 Lemongrass and 4 Citrus Ginger Pod Refills.

Introducing Petal

Petite Petitions is a sustainable, zero-waste hand-soap company providing stylish reusable containers and plant-based aromatherapy scented refills.

Values & Social Impact

Petal products are ethically-made, sustainable, and plastic-free. They also partner with organizations and artists to raise money and awareness for missions supporting environmental protection.

About the Founder

Founder Jason Domangue shares, "I came to the problem of single-use plastic when I realized I was out of hand soap in my home. In replacing my soap, the idea for Petal was born. The concept was simple: remove water from soap to reduce packaging and shipping waste and pair it with elegantly designed, reusable bottles. I realized the problem I was tackling was much more complex.

As an entrepreneur with roots in the Gulf Coast area where climate change brings devastating hurricanes and tropical storms, I grew up in the heart of one of America's offshore drilling hubs and I know that my work leading Petal is bigger than hand soap or even single-use plastic.

Our work at Petal is part of a larger sustainability movement to help shift our everyday mindsets and remind us of sustainable options while doing something as simple as washing our hands."