JAIPUR | Brightening Enzyme Mask


Inspired by the royal city known for its magnificent fortresses and rare jewels, this brightening enzyme mask by M.S Skincare will make you feel undeniably regal.

Glycolic acid and fruit enzymes are known for powerful elimination of dead surface cells, repairing free radical damage, and smoothing skin texture while bilberry extract helps tone and tighten. The deepest level of brightening is naturally achieved with the dynamic combination of vitamin C-rich lemon peel and orange peel extracts and ayurvedic sandalwood oil for a glowing complexion fit for royalty.

Values & Social Impact

M.S Skincare is dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices. Founder Anit personally curates each ingredient that goes into every product with a great amount of research on how it is cultivated. You can shop confidently knowing that M.S Skincare provides well-researched, high quality products going onto your skin!

About the Founder

Founder Anit Hora began her career in fashion design and soon departed onto a soul searching journey backpacking through South America. It was then she reconnected with the principle of Ayurveda. Anit’s interest for health and wellness grew more and more everyday, and she constantly tested new formulas in her apartment in NYC. Soon after, Anit founded M.S Skincare to help people live a holistic lifestyle.

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  • 2 oz / 57g