MEXICAN SPICES | 7 Organic Seasonings | Serrano Infused Gourmet Salt


  • Included in the Mexican gift set:
    • 7 small hexagon magnetic jars for your fridge
    • Durable glass jars are reusable
    • Filled with certified organic + kosher spices
    • Airtight lids to keep spices fresh
    • Silver lids hand-stamped with spice names
    • Strong magnets keep jars from sliding
    • Internal barrier between magnet and spices
  • Certified organic, kosher + fair trade seasonings included in this set:
    • Annatto Powder - Also called Achiote, smells slightly sweet and peppery with a hint of nutmeg. It is used for its beautiful yellow-orange color in everything from cheese to lipstick. Try using Annato to make the Yucatan spice paste, Recado, to flavor Pollo Pibil, color up tamale dough, and season rice. 
    • Chipotle Powder - Jalapeno chilies that have been left on the bush late in the season ripen into a deep red, then smoke-dried. These chilies are the workhorses of many Mexican kitchens, as they lend both smoky and spicy flavors. Add to a pot of beans or enchilada sauce. Mix with your salsa or guacamole for a flavor worlds beyond fresh chilies. 
    • Chili Infused Salt - Bright red Serrano chilies slowly roasted for full flavor. Mixed with sea salt, it gives a spicy flavor with a hint of berry. A great addition to spicy sauces or sprinkled on rice & beans, fajitas. Even use sweet fruit such as mango or pineapple to make a non-traditional salsa.
    • Cumin seeds - Closely resemble caraway, but conjure a flavor from a completely different part of the world than its eastern-European relative. To capture cumin's full flavor potential, first, toast the number of seeds needed for your recipe in a dry skillet until fragrant. Then, grind coarsely and use liberally as a poultry rub or pair with coriander and add to your next batch of roasted sweet potatoes or squash.  
    • Epazote - Native to central and South America, this wild herb grows abundantly and with abandon. Slightly subdued when dried, this herb can resemble fennel, anise, and tarragon when fresh. Traditionally, it is added to simmering pots of black beans, as it is believed to help prevent flatulence. Try adding it to your next batch of chilaquiles!
    • Mexican Oregano - This staple of Mexican kitchens tastes more like the members of the savory family and less like the piney Greek oregano. It plays a strong and distinguishing role in many versions of mole and is lovely when added to pickled garlic and onions. A great balancer to the flavor extremes of chiles, citrus, and garlic.
    • Taco Seasoning - Rev up your next taco party by adding a liberal amount of this spice blend to a little oil or hot fat to help distribute the flavors throughout the meat or vegetables. 
  • Small jars measure 1.75” wide by 2” tall; and hold a shy 1/4 cup volume. These jars are smaller than traditional spice containers; smaller amounts of spice stay fresh.
  • Jars are made to stick to your fridge or any steel surface. Purchase a mini wall plate if you need to store jars on a backsplash. 

This eco-friendly brand is ready to spice up your kitchen storage! 

Introducing Gneiss Spice

Gneiss Spice makes cooking fun and easy by eliminating kitchen clutter with their plastic-free magnetic spice jars. Sustainably designed and ethically sourced, these spice jars are designed to hang on your fridge so your spices will stay organized and always be within arm’s reach.

Values & Social Impact

Gneiss Spice prides itself on being a sustainable brand that reduces single-use plastics and kitchen waste. The brand is widely known for giving back to their community by paying employees a living wage and investing profits into fighting local food insecurity.

About the founder

Founder Beth Weisberger used to actively avoid the avalanche of spices that piled high in her cabinets until she decided to do something about it. Beth set out to design her own solution and created Gneiss Spice so everyone could transform their kitchen mess into a perfectly organized spice system.