Fatima Hand-loomed Raw Cotton Scarf, in Black

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One-of-a-kind scarf made of hand-loomed raw cotton strands. Each cotton strand is spun manually and harvested from local farms in the Tuban region on Java island. If you love the feel of natural vegan fabric, you definitely won't take your hand off this scarf. Witness the beautiful striped texture and gorgeous imperfections on each cotton loom. Cute fringe knots along the edges are also one the adorable details not to be missed.

Introducing BrunnaCo

BrunnaCo is a woman-owned brand based in California that offers sustainable & ethical fashion pieces, all of which are handcrafted by local female artisans in Indonesia.

Values & Social Impact

BrunnaCo is dedicated to creating unique, meaningful fashion accessories and apparel from sustainable materials while simultaneously uplifting and empowering the talented female artisans behind those products.  The brand hopes to share the beauty of Indonesian culture with the world through its handcrafted fashion pieces.

About the Founder

Founder Helga Ida Ayu was born and raised in Indonesia, where she developed a passion for fashion and worked as a designer for 10 years. After moving to California, Helga decided to launch BrunnaCo with the mission of creating meaningful fashion pieces from eco-friendly materials, and in doing so, supporting the local artisan community in Indonesia. 

You may have seen BrunnaCo in British Vogue, Glamour UK, Good Housekeeping, and more!


  • Dimension: 17 x 60 inches
  • Composition: Raw Cotton, Hand-dyed
  • Cleaning & Care: Hand-wash only
  • Technique: Handloomed, hand-spun cotton strand
  • Made in Tuban, Java island, Indonesia