Core Sliders

When you want six-pack abs or a tight butt, don’t waste time jogging around your neighborhood in the freezing cold or spinning for 60 minutes when you have your Yoga Strong Core Sliders.

These Core Sliders are your own personal, portable gym. They are tiny, yet tough. Sweet, but sassy. It's like hiring a personal trainer, but one that won't yell at you or shame you when you say you ate pizza.

Sweat it out and find your center with Yoga Strong’s one-of-a-kind yoga mat!

Introducing Yoga Strong

Designed to avoid the pesky slipping and sliding that most yoga mats are known for, Yoga Strong grips securely to the floor and is durable enough to endure your sweatiest sessions. The brand offers the best of both worlds with their functional and fashionable unisex yoga equipment. Available in a wide range of colors and prints, Yoga Strong’s mats and towels are the best accessory to have at your next session. 

Values & Social Impact

When you take home Yoga Strong’s high-quality mats, you’re making an inclusive statement by choosing to support this BIPOC and AAPI-owned brand that works hard to make yoga enjoyable for everyone. Yoga Strong is also good for the planet as its rubber base is eco-friendly and aligns with the brand’s sustainability mindset. 

About the founder

After tearing his ACL three times and having several knee surgeries over the years, Founder Jason Deutchman turned to yoga for recovery and mindfulness. Jason saw how beneficial yoga was for physical and mental recovery but found himself growing frustrated with the flimsy designs from corporate brands. He envisioned a brighter future for all yoga lovers and set out to craft a durable, high-quality yoga mat that everyone would love and from his dream, Yoga Strong was born!