AromaBliss Room Spray

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The AromaBliss Room Spray is a great way to freshen up your home.

Our Room Spray is perfect for scenting anywhere, from closets and cars to bathrooms and more. Hand blended by an aromatherapist, essential oil-based fragrances deliver a natural and authentic scent. 

Packaged in our amber glass bottles with screw top lids and a high-quality trigger sprayer. Our simple design fits beautifully in any style of home.

Introducing Emanate Essentials

Emanate Essential is a BIPOC woman-owned brand that offers handmade body care & aromatic products made from gentle but effective ingredients.

Values & Social Impact

Emanate Essentials hand-crafts its products with natural ingredients that are clean, effective, and safe for your skin. The brand firmly believes everyone should prioritize wellness and practice self-care, which is why they donate natural soaps and other self-care essentials to women’s shelters. 

About the Founder

Before launching this brand, founder Sha Hannah-Santo worked in the health & wellness industry, specializing in massage and aromatherapy. After experiencing a health scare and undergoing radiation treatments, Sha switched to using products with gentler and simpler ingredients. She created Emanate Essentials in hopes that her products can help others along their skincare and self-care journey as well.

You may have seen Emanate Essentials in Oprah Daily, Cosmopolitan, Fashionista, and more!


  • 7.5 oz
  • Scents
    • Citrus Bae - A refreshing blend of lemon, orange, lime, bergamot, and bright grapefruit with an odor-eliminating effect to create a sparkling clean fragrance.
    • Bambou - fresh-cut bamboo swirled with lush lemongrass, rich, exotic vetiver on a warm bed of woody notes completes this complex and enticing fragrance.
    • Pear + Yuzu -drier, lighter, and sweeter than that of lemon, with which it blends wonderfully with our lush pear blossom and fruit. 
    • Sage Blanc -  fresh white earthy sage with a hint of grounding wood cedarwood atlas
    • Rosemary Mint - rosemary, purifying mint, and fresh garden herbs
    • Lavender Luxe - French lavender fields, slightly green notes
    • Day Spa - ahh the spa life eucalyptus, rosemary, santal, and tea extract calm and relax
  • How To Use 
    • Not advised to spray directly onto fabrics and clothing. Because the spray contains essential oil blends, it may leave spots and should be tested in an inconspicuous place before use. Due to the fragrance ratios, these are not meant to be used on the skin. Check out our Bliss Body Spritz for a body-safe fragrance.
  • Ingredients
    • Purified Water, Sugarcane Alcohol (Ethyl Alcohol), Witch Hazel,  Non-GMO Grain Alcohol (derived from corn), Polysorbate 20, Essential and Natural  Fragrance Oils

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