Ananday Cork Yoga Mat

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The perfect yoga mat for earth lovers.

Made from renewable cork+ natural tree rubber, Ananday's Cork Yoga Mat is 100% biodegradable including packaging. Carbon neutral + planet-kind design that supports your body + our planet. For every piece you purchase, they plant a tree in exchange.

Values & Social Impact

Ananday aims to make the experience of practicing yoga as sustainable and safe as possible—both for you and for planet Earth. The brand’s products and packaging are 100% biodegradable and recyclable. To curb the effects of climate change, Ananday plants trees for every piece sold and donates to relief organizations for natural disasters.

About the Founder

Founder Ksenia Voropaeva started Ananday after realizing a serious Greenwashing problem in the yoga tool market. She vowed to create a truly sustainable brand for yoga mats and accessories that would actually promote the non-harming philosophy that yoga embodies. 


  • 72" x 24" x 4mm | 6.4 lbs
  • renewable cork + natural tree rubber
  • natural, non-toxic, plastic-free
  • non-slip and sweat resistant 
  • unmatched comfort + support to keep joints happy and healthy
  • antimicrobial — goodbye funky smells
  • reversible — flip to the rubber side for extra traction
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 10 trees were planted for every mat
  • carbon-neutral + planet kind

*traction tip — spray water around hands and feet before practice for extra grip

*advanced tip — if you're practicing inversions like forearm stands and handstands and want to maximize traction, flip the mat over

Why cork?

  • The cork releases an organic grip-enhancing substance when wet so it gets even more grippy with sweat — no towel necessary!
  • It's made from tree bark, which forms to protect trees, so is naturally antimicrobial, removing bacteria, odors, and other funky stuff. Earthy and fresh day in, day out!
  • Cork is one of the most earth-friendly materials out there. No trees are cut down during harvest. The bark is collected entirely by hand every 9 years and regenerates itself. Cork oak trees can live up to 200 years and a harvested cork oak tree absorbs up to 5x more CO2 than one that isn’t cultivated. Cork trees support some of the world’s most biodiverse forests.
  • Practicing on materials from the earth is grounding. Our hands and feet have marma points or energy pathways. Practicing barefoot (and barehand) connects us with the planet's subtle energy. Grounding balances biological rhythms calms the nervous system and helps our body heal. It's nature doing its thing. Yes, please.


  • Roll your mat up loosely, careful to not fold or crease
  • Thanks to the antimicrobial properties of cork, this mat naturally prevents the spread of bacteria (and funky smells!)
  • To clean, simply spray with a natural yoga mat cleaner and lay or hang flat to dry
  • Cleaning is recommended 1x weekly, more frequently with heated classes (this helps prevent the body’s oils from building up and keeps the mat feeling fresh)
  • With extensive use, surface cracking will occur — this is purely visual and doesn't affect the feel or durability of the mat
  • This mat will decompose over (a long period of) time; to extend its life, avoid direct sunlight

End of life

  • Cork and tree rubber are 100% biodegradable
  • If and when you're ready to part with your mat, consider donating or dropping it off at a recycling center.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Works great

I've used the mat a few times so far. All at home doing barre or yoga. This is the first mat I have bought without there being any texture on top so I was worried about sliding around. My hands and feet got sweaty but they didn't budge. It's heavier than the other mats I've owned which is fine. I like that there was no chemical smell during the first few new uses. Since I've used it at home and have pets my only complaint is that the pet hair sticks to the bottom. I'm happy with my purchase.

Incredible Yoga Mat!

As a newbie to hot yoga (and 215 lb guy), I’ve been slipping and sliding for a few months now. I finally pulled the trigger on the Ananday mat, and could not be happier. It’s grippy, extremely well made, and has great dimensions. Not to mention being planet friendly! I would gladly recommend this to anyone.

My first cork yoga mat and I love it!

So thankful to Ksenia for making the perfect yoga mat. I got my mat about three months ago and been so happy with the grip and its durability. I spend a lot of time on my mat and so happy it's made out of natural materials without any chemicals.

Thank you for your kind review Eliza!! Love seeing your practice in the wild. It's been such a joy to witness your journey from NYC to Hawaii! Keep on
Great mat!

I just received my mat and have been using it for about a week. It grips well and is very comfortable. It is heavy but I Usenet it for home practice so that isn’t a concern for me. Love my purchase!

So glad you're loving your mat Alison! Thank you so much for your review!!
Great yoga mat

I really like the mat. Great for hot yoga and love that it’s natural. I also bought two blocks and they are great also. They are more stable than the cushy ones that are more frequently used. The mat comes with a nice hemp strap that I love.

Thank you for your review Brittany! So thrilled you're loving your mat (+carrier!) and blocks. Happy practicing!
Best mat ever

I was surprised how much I liked this mat - it’s very Zen, meaning no excess towel or fabric to manage. I feel less cluttered in my mind as a result of not having to fix a moving mat/towel under my feet. It smells good. It transports well with hemp strap, I’ve had experience with every yoga mat available on the market and this is the one I select as my favorite. Thank you for caring so much about our planet and for designing a superior yoga mat!

Tricia thank you so much for your kinds words!! So happy you're loving your mat!

So happy with my mat .Perfect thickness and very well made.I use it daily for hot yoga. I'm so happy that I found annaday. Namaste

Yayyy so happy the mat is a fit for your daily hot practice Larry!!

Love the mat, very happy with the purchase

This makes us so happy! Thank you for your review. Happy practicing Jackson!
6 Months of 3-4x a week so I am confident I have a thorough review. 3 mat comparison

To frame this review, let's visit the competitive set first. This mat was immediately a contender in my arsenal of a Lululemon "The Reversible Mat 5mm" and my Manduka "PROlite 71" Yoga Mat". TLDR The Ananday became the best of both worlds and so now the others gather dust. I originally bought the Manduka because of it being a zero waste, non-toxic, and the claim that it didn't need a towel. However, the grip wasn't as good as the Lululemon so that was my go-to mat for my winter hot vinyasa 4x a week practices. Though that is where the benefits stopped for the Lululemon mat. That mat had a terrible plastic smell for several weeks when I first got it, it often needed the occasional wipe in the middle of class because I sweat a lot, and it wasn't always dry by the time I needed it for the next morning's practice. In swooped the Ananday mat, which has amazing grip and somehow grips even better when the cork gets wet, it has no smell, it is zero waste, it dries rapidly, and people seem to be really drawn to the natural and neutral look of the cork. Quite a few people have asked me where I purchased the mat. I would suggest buying yours now before she sells out. I have no regrets and I would wager a lot of money that you won't either.

Chris thank you for your amazing review!! So ecstatic the mat is a fit! And thank you for spreading the world, it means so much!
Best. Mat. Ever.

Totally non-slip for sweaty hot yoga, supports sensitive knees (I often have to use a blanket for the knees, but not with this mat), great thickness, beautiful, well-made, biodegradable... I've tried so many mats, and this one is undoubtedly my favorite. Love at first use. Using these mats for the rest of my life!

This makes us so incredibly happy to hear!! So glad our mat can support your practice!