Forget about Starbucks/Amazon gift cards or beer koozies and send gifts that truly delight your team and have a positive impact on our society.
We are StoreyLine, the go to platform and community to discover and buy from ethical and sustainable brands founded by female and minority entrepreneurs. We're pioneering a different kind of corporate gifting - one that truly delights, empowers and makes a difference.

Employee Happiness is More Important than Ever

The future of work is here, and now more than ever, employees are placing more importance on being valued and appreciated by their managers and companies.  If they find themselves in a situation where they feel under-appreciated, the "Great Resignation" has empowered them to look elsewhere for a job. Beyond just general benefits and the potential for bonuses, sending meaningful gifts to your team members for achieving a goal, reaching a milestone, or simply just to say "thanks" can go a long way in reminding them that they matter.

Branded pens and mugs are a perk, but gifting with StoreyLine enables you to get to know each person on your team better and fosters meaningful conversations about their interests and the positive impact their chosen gift might have had.

But Don't Just Take if from Us

Because Founder & CEO, Ashland Standbury, wanted to send her global team meaningful gifts over the holiday season.  Working with a StoreyLine Gifting Specialist, Ashland selected thoughtful gifts that were internationally shippable to each employee.

One of our gift recipients shared the unboxing video below with us and we love what she says in it: "This is what makes you want to work for a company- people that really care about you."

Impact-Driven, Curated Gifts for Every Occasion & Budget

  • The brands we feature on StoreyLine use sustainable ingredients, are ethically made, and are most often female and minority founded.  Additionally, many products have a unique "storey" behind how they make the world a better place.
  • Our gift assortment is practical, thoughtful, unique, fits all kinds of occasions & budgets, and is hassle-free.

  • Concierge service: Just tell us your budget & occasion and we'll curate gifts within the budget and handle all the logistics.

  • Oh, and the gift recipients can choose their own gifts or, if you select it, they can swap out items for something else that fits their needs more, so that everyone is happy about what they receive.

    Whether for celebrating holidays, sending care packages & appreciation gifts, welcoming new team members or celebrating new moms & dads, we've got your gifting needs covered!

    Ready for a New Gifting Experience?

    Companies of different sizes and industries have come to StoreyLine for their employee gifts, including managers from Amazon, Facebook, startup founders, and major law firms. 

    How this works:

    1. Fill out our quick questionnaire to let us know a few key requirements, such as how much you'd like to spend and what the occasion is.

    2. You'll instant receive gift suggestions for the budget and occasion, like what we did for the Uwila Warriors team and the Givz team.

    3. Once you give us the green light, share your team's names and email addresses, and we'll take care of it from there! We're also able to put gifting on an auto-pilot schedule and send gifts automatically to employees for scenarios like welcoming new team members, employee birthdays, etc.