Sustainable Brands

Guys, is 2020 canceled yet? A global pandemic is (still) raging, we have a growing climate crisis, and the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. But there might just be a silver lining: people are waking up and starting to realize that the old ways of consuming and engaging with the world are no longer going to cut it.

Here is a selection of brands & items that are on a mission to create a more sustainable future in different ways.

Canary + co - Named after Amelia Earhart and her plane "The Canary", Canary + Co is a luxury vegan leather bag company that's committed to a more sustainable future and empowering women to do more daily.

Viv For Your V - Viv makes bamboo-based and plastic-free feminine care products and empowers all womxn to live healthier and more sustainable lives. 

ReclaimReclaim is a slow fashion company that brings attainable luxury and practicality to your wardrobe; their goal is to create a wardrobe without compromises: each piece is elevated, practical, and sustainable.

Plainville HomesteadClean, thoughtful, and honest products handcrafted in small batches using quality, safe, and researched ingredients. 

Le MondeurIt is not just a pretty shoe. Le Mondeur promotes artisan traditions imperiled by fast fashion and advances environmental & social justice issues through meaningful collaborations.

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