Citrus & Cane

Organic and vegan home & body products that are hand-crafted with love

Introducing Citrus & Cane 

Citrus & Cane makes hand-crafted, organic and vegan home & body products that will take any home to the next level!t

Values & Social Impact

Citrus & Cane is dedicated to helping communities in need. When it launched in 2020, the brand focused on creating masks and hand sanitizers to support local hospitals and community members through the COVID-19 pandemic. Citrus & Cane also donates a portion of their proceeds to organizations that support LGBTQ+ youth.

About the Founders

Citrus & Cane was born out of founders Megan and Richard’s shared passion for entrepreneurship, creativity, and giving back to the community. They strive to create products that elevate customers’ homes and make staying indoors a more enjoyable experience.