Sustainable, ethical clothing for babies and children made from eco-friendly & organic fabrics


Introducing Blara Organic House

Blara Organic House is a sustainable woman-owned brand dedicated to making baby & children’s clothing that is healthy for both your child and for the environment.

Values & Social Impact

Blara Organic House’s products are ethically made from eco-friendly, certified organic cotton and dyed with natural plant dyes in a chemical-free process. The brand hopes to create a positive social impact by promoting a slow fashion model that focuses on sustainability.

About the Founder

It all started from a conversation that founder Ann An had with her daughter while walking along the river one day. On their walk, they saw the immensely negative impact that pollution has had on the fish in the river. Ann’s daughter was upset upon seeing this, and asked, “can we clean the water by adding nice smelling flowers, then the fishes won’t get sick?” Deeply touched by her daughter’s sincerity and passion for protecting the environment, Ann vowed to take action and make the world a greener place. Thus, Blara Organic House was born.