High-quality tea blends for autoimmune symptoms
Introducing AutoimmuniTea
AutoimmuniTea is a brand dedicated to those suffering from symptoms of autoimmune disease. The brand creates products for those with autoimmune and ensures that they’re friendly when on an elimination diet. 
Values & Social Impact
AutoimmuniTea recognizes the need for continued answers to the unknown epidemic of autoimmune-related disorders. AutoimmuniTea’s mission is to raise awareness and funds for autoimmune-related research.
About the Founder
Founder Karla created AutoimmuniTea from her own struggles with autoimmune disease.  She had a hard time finding products that kept her inflammation down while still giving her the energy and support she needed throughout the day.  She founded AutoimmuniTea to help others find peace and joy again while walking the, often long and complicated, path towards healing autoimmune issues.