The Future Is Female by Zheila Cervantes

Illustrators are natural storytellers. They keenly observe the world around them and create vocal arts to channel their messages. At StoreyLine, we are always looking to collaborate with diverse artists who share our values and celebrate their work.  Happy to share that our very first exclusive collaboration is with Austin-based Latina artist, Zheila Cervantes

When we asked Zheila to create stickers based on StoreyLine's mission, she decided to focus on an important issue:gender equality. It’s very fitting as we are a women-owned company focused on empowering under-served communities.

Here’s a quick Q&A with this talented, emerging artist:

  • Tell us about your journey as a Latina artist.
    • I’m a Latina, self-taught illustrator who believes in the power of ideas and storytelling!  Zhei Zhei Art shop offers a selection of digitally hand-drawn goods ranging from prints, stickers, and cards that are inspired by female empowerment, imagination, nature, and the promise that there are always better days ahead! Through my work, I'm striving to become part of something that will make an impact, both globally and locally. I’m hoping that with my art & illustrations I can inspire other Latinx creatives to have the courage to believe that they are deserving of everything they desire, and that they are capable of curating the kind of life for themselves that sparks something within them.
  • What inspires you about StoreyLine?
    • StoreyLine’s mission to empower diverse business owners to share their story is truly inspirational. It’s so important to uplift and amplify women and minority-owned brands that have a purpose and want to challenge the status quo. 
  • What is the message behind your exclusive illustration for StoreyLine?
    • The Future is Female illustration was created for the purpose of continuing to bring awareness to gender equality in today’s society. I want women to look at me and see themselves, to feel beautiful for being smart and strong. I want girls to grow up and be brave instead of perfect. I truly believe that when we tell our stories and speak our truth, we change the world.

    November 24, 2020 — StoreyLine General
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