Sustainable & Ethical Looks from Your Favorite TV Shows

Even during the most unprecedented past few years, television has been there for us to enjoy within the comfort of our own homes. So many new, fantastic TV shows have captured our hearts and grabbed our attention. But comfort and entertainment aren’t the only things our favorite TV shows have given us - they’ve also introduced iconic style trends that have probably inspired you to want to make some new additions to your wardrobe. 

StoreyLine has clothing brands and products that focus on sustainable and ethical practices, all while leaving you looking like you stepped right off the set of your favorite show. 

1. White Lotus: Sophia BOLD Swim in Ivory

Set in Hawaii, the White Lotus follows the trials and tribulations of wealthy guests and staff at a luxury resort of the same name. One of the most iconic scenes from the show features Alexandra Daddario’s character, Rachel, swimming in an ivory-colored bathing suit. The Sophia BOLD Swim is similar to Daddario's white bikini and features an eco-friendly design with a tie at the waist and a medium coverage bottom; this monokini is ready to help you make a splash on your next poolside vacation! In the Sophia BOLD Swim in Ivory, you’ll feel like wading through the clear waters in the White Lotus’ pool, but this time without the problems of high society. 


2. WandaVision: Kahindo Aqua Blouse

One of the most anticipated shows from the Marvel franchise has left its mark on the fashion world. Spanning across multiple decades of stylistic silhouettes and bold colors, WandaVision shows off the best each decade has to offer for your new style inspiration. 

The Kahindo Aqua Blouse echoes the signature looks that Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, struts around in during the 1970s sitcom-themed episode. Bright and vibrantly patterned, the Aqua Blouse features 70s-esque bell sleeves and a waist/necktie that you can accessorize however you want. This blouse is also as sustainable as it is fashionable. Hailing from a woman-owned brand, the hands that make the Aqua Blouse are refugee women that Kahindo pays fair wages to and provides safe work environments. Now isn’t that groovy!

3. The Great: Kahindo Gold Jacquard Dress

Huzzah! The Great has premiered as one of Hulu’s top shows this year. It’s a historical comedy about Catherine the Great that created quite the buzz as season 2 dropped on November 19th. And The Great’s costumes and color schemes are just as attention-grabbing as the show is. Though these historical costumes are inspired from 1800s Russia, the lively pastel hues and detailed patterns stand out beautifully against the dreary backdrop of The Great’s Russia. 

And if you’re looking for your own unique and vibrant dress that’s fit for a queen, The Kahindo’s Gold Jacquard Dress will make you feel like royalty. The Gold Jacquard dress features a detailed pattern of metallic streaks that give this dress a one-of-a-kind look. To top it all off, the dress also has pockets for you to hold all your royal secrets in. Kahindo also strives to create all their pieces in the most sustainable and ethically-made manner so that you can both look and feel good in your new queenly gown. 

4. Only Murders in the Building: Mien Studios Turmeric Cozy Fleece Sweatshirt

With a suspenseful plot and an A-list cast of Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, Hulu’s mystery comedy hasThe Prowess Pearl Suede Pump is a joined the ranks of being binge-worthy. Gomez’s character, Mabel, struts around an edgy New York City in striking colors that grab your attention. Her yellow ensemble in episode one lures you in and makes you want to ask, Hmm…Where can I get that?

On StoreyLine, of course! Mien Studios’ Cozy Fleece Sweatshirt in Turmeric is a dead ringer for Gomez’s brightly colored yellow sweater she wears in episode 1. This cozy fleece sweater will keep you extra warm while also looking stylish, and it even has a bit of mystery itself. This isn’t your average sweater; it comes with secret, hidden pockets designed to give you even more warmth during these cold winter months. Offering an inclusive size range and designed to be eco-conscious from production to packaging, this is a sustainable and ethical look you’re going to want in your closet to wear at a moment’s notice!

December 30, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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