Summer Glow-Up: Chapter #4 - How to Spend Time Alone

Last week, we discussed the importance of having a strong support system and how that can improve your overall mental well-being. This week, we’re going to shift things to embracing solitude, understanding yourself, and having self-awareness. 

Why is alone time good for the soul?

It allows you to process your thoughts, emotions, and feelings without outside interference. Sometimes the noises outside block us from hearing our inner thoughts and own opinions. 

Before you can have a solid plan on what to do during alone time, you need to set aside time for it!! Many of us want to commit to spending time alone, but never make time for it. So, block out a few hours during your week to make it happen!

Here are 5 awesome ways you can spend alone time:


Journaling is both healthy for the mind and soul. There are a few ways you can do this, but one quick way is to mind dump. Literally write everything thought that’s bubbling up inside of you. This is great to release stress and tension you may be feeling! Writing it all down gives you a clear visualization of what’s going on in your mind.

Eat at a Restaurant

Spending time alone eating at a restaurant may sound difficult, but here’s why you should try it. First, it gives an opportunity for you to just enjoy the food without multitasking, having a conversation. Savoring the food’s enriching taste is often forgotten in our fast-paced society that’s always rewarding work and productivity. Eating alone will give you the opportunity to enjoy the meal  in the present! 

Take a Walk 

Take a walk around the neighborhood or a park nearby! Walking itself already does wonders for your mental and physical health by improving sleep, productivity, and reducing risks of diseases. During your walk, take time to stay in the present and release any tension you may have!

Plan out your calendar and planner

If you often find yourself anxious about upcoming plans or how to plan out your day, taking an hour-long session to plan your calendar is perfect! Start by writing down all the big dates to come in the next month, this can be anything from your sister’s wedding to big interviews to your anniversary! 

After, take a look week by week, what do you have to accomplish by the end of each week? Write down weekly goals for yourself to keep you on track, goals can be both personal and work related. 

Planning ahead will keep you from scrambling at the last minute! 

Go through your phone and print out photos!

In this day and age, you’re probably thinking “why would i do that?” However, curating out physical photos of you and your loved ones is a great way to feel gratitude. How many of us take a million photos on our phones and never look at them? 

By printing them out only for yourself, you won’t feel the pressure that you would sharing it on social media. After printing, you can either put it in a photo album or pin it on your wall! 


That is the end of our summer glow-up series this month, hope you all enjoyed the chapters and took away from them!! Look forward to our August series, launching next Sunday, August 08. 

July 31, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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