#StoreyTeller Kathleen and the Journey of Becoming a Conscious Consumer

Our #StoreyTellers are sharing their journeys to becoming more conscious consumers!

Meet Kathleen - a dreamer and resourceful designer with a decade-long career in fashion. Working behind the scenes in fashion design and production, Kathleen saw firsthand the excessive waste that the fast fashion industry created. 

Kathleen grew up in Belgium, where quality was prioritized over quantity. Fashion was slower there which made it a win-win for her conscious consumer wallet. While Kathleen knows that conscious purchasing is subjective and an issue of accessibility and privilege, she makes it her priority to select smaller labels and businesses that align with her values so that she can support brands that she believes in. Her journey to be a conscious consumer has been a long one, but she’s proud to still be learning how to become a more conscious shopper!

Kathleen’s StoreyLine collection features popular picks that will leave you feeling good inside and out. Cuddle up and make a statement in This is a Love Song’s signature Make the Planet Great Again Sweater that’ll have you looking your best! Knock the house down with Camilla Limon’s RBG Collection Cuff Bracelet that is individually handcrafted in her personal studio. All these items and more are made with detail and care, giving you the reassurance that you’re shopping consciously. 

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"Today, as I consider making a conscious purchase, I select smaller labels where the founder is actively managing the company. That is my choice to support the dreamers who work hard at creating a better system and a better future."

- #StoreyTeller Kathleen

November 27, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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