#StoreyTeller Brooke Shows Off Her Consciously Lavish Collection & The Perks of Shopping Sustainably
Our #StoreyTellers are sharing with you how to focus your money on your values when shopping this holiday season!

Meet Brooke - a creative free-spirit and introverted extrovert that works hard to raise awareness about shopping consciously. In 2015, Brooke’s freshman class was required to read “Where Am I Wearing” by Kelsey Timmerman and since then Brooke’s interest in conscious consumption grew. She believes it’s important to know where your clothing comes from and the impacts it has on the community and environment.

When shopping, Brooke chooses to focus putting her money on products that align with her values and morals. Shopping consciously helps her do that. And with StoreyLine, Brooke is able to conveniently shop for brands that align with her values while also getting quality recommendations.

Brooke loves her connection with StoreyLine so much that she even put together her own collection! Centered around being conscious and luxurious, in Brooke’s collection you’ll be sure to find holiday gift ideas that are perfect for friends and family. Featuring the Resilient Rollerball Perfume and the Namaste Intuitive Emulsified Body Scrub, the collection prioritizes self care and celebrating quality products that make you feel good inside and out! Don’t forget to grab the Be Good Do Good Sweater to bundle up with on those cold winter nights or the Pink Onyx Marble Candle that’ll be sure to get you in the warm holiday spirit.

"In no way, shape, or form am I perfect in the journey of shopping consciously, but the key for me is putting in an effort. I know my choices won't change the world overnight, but if we focus our money on where our values, morals, and hearts lie, then one day, we will see an improvement on this earth from the work we've put in - and that my friend is worth CELEBRATING!"
- #StoreyTeller Brooke <- Click to follow her on Insta!
December 04, 2021 — StoreyLine General

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