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As 2021 approaches (2 ½ months to go - what?!), a quote from Australian model Brii Wright echoes inside my head: “Self care isn’t just face masks and baths. It’s working on your habits, mindset, rituals, and healing your past. It’s living intentionally, purposefully, and consciously.” In a year where we have pulled out hair in fistfuls or experienced intense teeth grinding due to stress, showing our bodies and minds alike some compassion is essential. 


Thankfully, many of us have also experienced more time at home and more space to reflect on what really matters in each of our lives. As we queue up our Winter is coming jokes, here are some of the ways we want to practice self-care in our StoreyLine community:

  • Assess skin changes as the weather cools: Anyone else’s skin go from oily to desert-dry quicker than the leaves turn red? Soothe your skin with a facial serum from Plainville Homestead, or banish those dry patches with a body polish from Flaunt Body! One of our team members’ favorite brands also has great moisturizing options

  • Maintain or build an exercise routine: Motivation comes more easily when the weather isn’t frigid, so make a commitment to keeping your body moving now! Numerous studios and instructors have moved to virtual teaching, including certified Fempire leader and Kick It! Founder, Eliza Shirazi. If you like ending workouts equally sweaty and smiley, these classes are for you.
  • Pick up a new hobby: Okay, so this tip isn’t cutting ever since bread baking became mainstream. However, learning something new is genuinely good for you, and we all need to keep our minds sharp as we pile on warm layers!

  • Don’t forget… mindfulness matters! Remember Hello Iris co-founder and meditation expert Nina Iordanova, who helped us practice daily gratitude back in May? She’s also thought about some best practices in self-care, including...

    • Setting goals around connecting with people: Yes, ponder the method (Text, Zoom?), how often (twice a week, every Sunday?), and with whom. You’ll feel satisfied with both accomplishing your goals and with strengthening relationships!
    • Form a positive habit to enhance discipline: Sure, we’ve all learned to better go with the flow with kids or cats appearing in Zoom calls, so let’s find something to which we can hold on! Even if it’s drinking a glass of water before going to bed, see what you can do to honor your body.
    • Hobbies, again! Nina also suggested trying out a new hobby, and shared her own “weird” one. The details? She gets books on Audible without knowing anything about the genre, plot, etc. beforehand. Expanding her literary horizons!

How are you practicing holistic self-care these days?


November 04, 2020 — StoreyLine General

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