Cleaning for Sustainability on Planet

Anyone else feel a million times more accomplished when you’ve vacuumed the entire living room, or finally organized all the makeup that’s accumulated in the bathroom drawer (or three)? Or, more timely, you probably breathe a sigh of relief once you step into your home and wash your hands after going to a grocery store full of masked individuals. Turns out, there are a variety of reasons cleaning is useful (besides the obvious), including a release of endorphins and a sense of control. 

As flu season settles in and the temperatures drop, the good cleaning habits the year 2020 has brought us will hopefully serve us well as we find ourselves more indoors… again. Certain products will also serve us well in keeping our bodies and the planet safe from harmful chemicals - an important step into environmental consciousness! 

Sustainability is a core value to which we keep returning here at StoreyLine, and we’re excited to continue our commitment to the Earth through some key products:

  • Clean Face & Limbs: Conscientious about chemicals that go into and onto your body? Plainville Homestead founder Pam Phinney keeps that in mind with her honey-based products and promotion of ingredient transparency! Additionally, who doesn’t want clear airways and a giggle with a product called “Booger Blaster?!”
  • Clean V (and plastic free): Katie Diasti was sitting in an entrepreneurship class at Boston College when she learned traditional pads contain the same amount of plastic as four plastic bags (yes, I gasped too). Her bamboo-based products make menstrual cycles better for us and for Mother Earth.
  • Clean House: Bamboo is clearly a hero product, as it’s highly beneficial in multiple products. Grove Collaborative knows this well, and they ship cleaning products directly to your home, on your schedule! Sounds ideal for the upcoming months where we’d rather avoid the Winter chorus of sniffles.

Do you consider yourself a clean freak? Do you have a brand that’s sustainable and scrubs away stains? Tell us more!

Bamboo liner Body Scrub

November 10, 2020 — StoreyLine General

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