Inspiring Hispanic Women Who’ve Transformed Fashion, Art, and Activism

¡Si, Se Puede!: The Hispanic Women Who Led the Way
By: Katalina Wernli

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we at StoreyLine are spotlighting a diverse and monumental group of Hispanic women that have broken away from convention and played by their own rules. 

These women forged their unique path in fashion, art, and social justice. By leading with courage and grace, they’ve built empires that continue to inspire others today, and we want to honor and commemorate them during Hispanic Heritage Month. 


What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

The 15th of September marks the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, a month-long celebration in honor of the achievements and culture of Hispanic and Latinx citizens. 


Frida Kahlo

The beacon of Mexico City, Frida Kahlo, is renowned for being one of the most influential artists in Mexican history. Known for her iconic unibrow and use of color, Kahlo’s artistry dared to be bold. From her disregard for social convention to her unique style, Kahlo skyrocketed to fame in the art world and continues to inspire female painters to push beyond the status quo. 


Carolina Herrera
Fashion designer

If you’re looking for a designer with a trademark for elegance, look no further than Carolina Herrera. Taking the fashion world by storm, her designs and ambition garnered the attention of the fashion world. Just looking at her designs, you can understand why all the big names in fashion (and even the King of Spain!) bow down to her elegant and chic designs. 


Dolores Huerta
Labor Activist

Driven by the belief that everyone should be treated equally, Dolores Huerta continues to be admired for all the hard work she’s put in fighting for Chicano civil rights and farm labor rights. 

No stranger to making her voice heard, Huerta led strikes and organized worker sit-outs for the sole purpose of fighting for better labor rights for farmworkers. Huerta’s caring heart and strong sense of community led her to grow an idea into a nationwide movement. Working tirelessly to make her ideas a reality, she helped establish the United Farm Workers’ Union, which continues to fight for labor workers in the United States. 


Sylvia Rivera
Gay Liberation & Transgender Rights Activist

A pillar in the LGBTQ+ community, Sylvia Rivera’s early life was filled with tragedy, but from it grew a life of self-discovery, openness, and activism. Rivera rocked the New York City underground and became a strong voice for the rights of transgender people of color. An activist at heart, Rivera called out the exclusionary space within the Gay Rights Movement and advocated for homeless transgender youth. 


Joan Baez
Musician & Activist

Activist and singer-songwriter Joan Baez doesn’t miss a beat when raising awareness about social justice. A lifelong friend and supporter of Martin Luther King Jr, Baez chronicles her experiences with the fight for civil rights in her songs and doesn’t shy away from challenging convention. Famously known for her rebellious heart and pacifist nature, Baez’s anti-establishment songs were the main reason she was barred from performing in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina in fear that her teachings would inspire mass crowds too much. 

Still performing and fighting for social justice, Baez continues to receive praise for her headstrong charge at making a difference in the world, one song at a time. 


The Inspiration Today

All of these women forged their own way in the world and carved a path for more women to follow. Hispanic Heritage Month was established in 1968, and each year since then, more and more Hispanic leaders with dreams to make a difference are setting out to make their mark.

Camilla Limón is one of those people with a dream. An entrepreneur with a flair for timelessness, Camilla has been creating jewelry from a young age. She has found immense joy in her talents and their power to make her customers feel and look like their absolute best. You can shop her fund and inspiring jewelry here. 

Are you a Hispanic founder with a focus on sustainable and ethical practices? We would love to feature your brand on StoreyLine! Please email for more information.



September 14, 2021 — StoreyLine General


Dawn Felicia Hart

Dawn Felicia Hart said:

Thank you for sharing! Everyone’s heritage is important! Inspirational!


Esmeralda said:

What a way to honor our heritage! Admirable women who endured many tribulation and have persevered. Viva la raza!

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