How to support Women's History Month

The battle women have been fighting has been long and exhausting. For decades, women's rights have been neglected, causing gender inequality in the workforce and education system. Let's change that! As Women's History Month continues, here are a few ways for you to show your support for women.


Educate yourself on women’s history 

To fully understand what this month embodies and why it’s so important, take time to do some research about the challenges women have faced in history. The fight for women’s rights has been an ongoing battle for centuries, and we still have so much work to do. 

Check out, a national women’s history museum with a mission to tell the stories of women who transformed our nation. They provide great resources to learn more about female figures, movements, and events that shaped American history. 


Support women-owned businesses 

Did you know women entrepreneurs face much more challenges than male entrepreneurs? Some of the challenges include less funding from investors, facing sexual harassment, having less confidence due to the low percentage of female founders.

Thus, supporting women-owned businesses is a great way to show your love and support for Women’s History Month! Where you spend your money is very powerful, and represents a vote for what you believe in. Whether you’re shopping online, or heading to the brick and mortar around the block, do your research to find women-owned brands.

Here is our Women Empowerment collection with female-owned brands for you to get started:


Donate to Organizations helping women around the globe

There are so many awesome non-profit organizations working to help women with education, gender equality, reproductive rights, and much more! Here are a few organizations you can learn more about and donate to:

Malala Fund

The Malala Fund is an international, non-profit organization that advocates for girls' education. It was co-founded by Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist for female education and her father, Ziauddin. This organization helps fund young women’s education in 8 developing nations: Brazil, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Turkey. Learn more on their website at

Girls Not Brides 

Child marriages affect millions of girls each year, and the issue is only getting worse. This happens due to the systemic belief that men are superior in comparison to women. It’s a global issue, affecting over 650 million girls. Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of 1500+ civil society organizations from over 100 countries committed to ending child marriages. 

Head to their website to learn more about the issue and how the organization is combating child marriages:

Hope you enjoyed this list of ways and resources to show your support for women’s history month. This month shines a light on an issue that has been around for a very long time, and demands equality as soon as possible. Every voice matters, so show your support! Take some time to send a loving message to the amazing females in your life!

March 21, 2021 — StoreyLine General
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