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Our main story today is about Mimi Millard, and her story of creating De Lune to battle period pain for all womxn who bleed, using herbal and nutritional relief. 

Period care has been such a taboo topic in the past, that it gave way to some of the most curious/ridiculous myths out there. For example: "don't get a perm because your hair won't curl", "don't go dancing because your period makes you crazy," or our personal favorite: "Don’t touch, hold ice or clean out the freezer, it makes your cramps worse." 😒

Now the problem with myths is that it propagates a sense of fear in young girls and contributes to overall stereotypes for women who get them. 🚺

What we love about De Lune is that they tackle an important subject by creating research-backed herbal and nutritional menstrual essentials. What's more is their period-positive mission, which de-stigmatizes the whole issue and encourages proper discussion. 

Mimi, take us from here!*

🚀 Why I started De Lune

I started developing De Lune when I was in college. I had always struggled with chronic period pain, to the point where the cramps were so bad that it affected my lab work and I’d cry in public from the intense pain.

There were really two options to ease the period pain, one is Advils from the drugstore, and the other is natural relief that wasn’t backed by research. There’s got to be another option that’s not a drug and is effective!

My co-founder is a trained dietician, and learned how to make the perfect formula out of natural and nutritional ingredients that are high potency and effective. 

🥁 What makes De Lune special? 

There're not a lot of period care companies in the market, we are creating a new category. We want to be the go-to brand for period care.

Our key focus right now is building trust. Our customers are desperate for a good solution and looking for answers. There are plenty of natural products in the market that don't work. We want both Safety and Efficacy.

When formulating our products, we reference clinical studies and hand-select both therapeutic and nutritional ingredients that are both safe to consume and actually solve the problem!


🔮 What’s De Lune’s Vision?

We want to make periods something women look forward to! I know it’s something unthinkable right now, but it’s something we are working toward. We are focusing on period-related physical symptoms right now, and we want to build a wider community where we can talk about periods more openly. 

We are so glad to see other companies joining in this movement and excited to continue to lead in this period care category.  


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*Adapted from conversations with Mimi.

November 04, 2020 — Minette Yu

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