Branding Memories: A Sense of Belonging
Do you ever find yourself reflecting on the “why” behind impulse buys? Before COVID, my answer would’ve been “no.” Now that I have more time stuck with my thoughts, I can justify a lot of those purchases that seem random! We won’t even talk about the fact that I have a credit number memorized… but I digress.

I passed Francesa’s on a leisurely Sunday a few weeks ago, and I found myself on their website later that night. Before I knew it (and before I looked in my closet to see how many T-shirts I actually own), I bought a shirt that has sassy lips and the phrase “Girl Talk” on it. After telling myself to take it easy on the graphic tees years ago, why did I find myself so drawn to this shirt’s message?

With said reflection, the phrase “girl talk” got me thinking back to my days at Smith College where I’d sit with my friends in one of our dorm rooms and talk for hours about what we learned in our classes, our ideas on saving the world when we graduated, or we’d share how free we felt away from high school where it seemed our value was measured by the number of boyfriends we’d had or how “cool” we were. “Girl talk” jogged memories of bonding with close friends on annual trips, and the women I’m fortunate to have in my life for quick pep talks. A small reminder in my wardrobe was everything I needed in the new city where I’d just moved. 

Too often, society is hard on consumers, particularly girls and women. Harsh labels like “basic” are thrown around when shopping is a favorite, or even occasional, activity in which they partake. Purchases from select brands or purchases of select items, however, can be especially meaningful for individuals passionate about a cause, or simply looking for a comforting memory.

Here at StoreyLine, we strive to understand the “why” behind the company from founders, and we’re always looking to hear stories from our community members! We’ve connected with a founder who wanted to help people improve their habits around bedtime, and a consistently sleep-deprived consumer may find their saving grace in a purchase from this company. Also, we’re forever fans of Glossier, who has perfected their community outreach in learning what their consumers need, from non-drying face washes to brow gel for red hair.


Reflect a bit… what recent purchase has been meaningful for you?

September 23, 2020 — Sarah Walton
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